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Prof Dantala Dinakar

Professor and Head Electronics, Fiber Optic Sensors.... View Profile

Prof R L N Sai Prasad

Professor Fiber Optic Sensing, Electronic Instrumentation ... View Profile

Prof L Ramgopala Reddy

Professor Electronics, Medical Instrumentation, Tropospheric... View Profile

Prof K Venugopala Reddy

Professor Nano materials, ferrites, magnetic and optical pro... View Profile

Dr B Sobha

Associate Professor Electronics , instrumentation , sensors... View Profile

Dr Tumu Venkatappa Rao

Associate Professor Mechanical , Thermal and Bioactivity studies on Bi... View Profile

Dr Syam Prasad P

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Abdul Azeem P

Associate Professor Glass science, Spectroscopy, Optical system design... View Profile

Dr Thangaraju Kuppusamy

Associate Professor Organic Semiconductors, Optical and Electrical Pro... View Profile

Dr Sourabh Roy

Associate Professor Photonics, Optical Waveguide, Fiber optics, Optica... View Profile

Dr D Haranath

Associate Professor Areas of Research Interest: Photonics, Luminescenc... View Profile

Dr Kusum Kumari

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Paul Joseph D

Assistant Professor Oxide Thin films, Nano-materials for Energy relate... View Profile

Dr Jayalakshmi V

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Surya Ghosh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Rakesh rajaboina

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Energy harvesting... View Profile

Dr Uday Kumar Kanapuram

Assistant Professor Thin Films; Electrochromics; Transparent Conductin... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar

Assistant Professor Nano-Optics; Singular Optics; Correlation Optics; ... View Profile

Dr Hitesh Borkar

Assistant Professor Ferroelectrics, Opto-electronic materials, Elect... View Profile

Dr Aalu Boda

Assistant Professor Dr. Aalu Boda received his M.Sc (Solid State Physi... View Profile